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ICAR AIEEA Admission Test 2019


ICFAITECH is a prestigious engineering entrance examination conduced all over the nation. The body which conducts ICFAITECH is popularly known as IFHE or ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, Hyderabad. ICFAITECH is also referred as ATIT and is an aptitude test which is delivered in two modes – Online and Offline in India. ICFAITECH or ATIT 2018 is a gateway for interested and potential based students for getting admission into B.Tech Programme.


ICFAITECH (ATIT), as discussed is available in two modes viz. Online and Offline and hence, their format differs a bit as follows:

1. Online Test –Being an online test, it makes use of Internet technologies and hence follows a Computer Based Format i.e. CBT format. The time duration for the online ATIT test is 2 hours. It is conducted all over India at variant centers and locations and that too in a number of sessions. Usually, 2-3 sessions are conducted per day.
2. Offline Test- Being an offline test, it makes use of specialized paper techniques and hence follows a Paper Based Format i.e. PBT format. The time duration for the offline ATIT test is also 2 hours. Just like online test, it is also conducted at different locations and centers all over the nation. Specially designed OMR sheet is provided to the students for filling the answers of the questions given in the entrance test.
3. Multiple choice questions, often known as objective questions are given in both – Online and Offline entrance tests which are from the subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English.
4. 30 questions of each subject – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English are provided. The better are your answers, the higher will be your rank.


The eligibility criteria for ICFAITECH (ATIT) are given below:

1. Only those students can apply for the ICFAITECH engineering entrance examination who has secured 60% as aggregate in both – Class X and Class XII or in any equivalent coursework or discipline with mandatory subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English.
2. 12 years of formal schooling is mandatory in order to apply for this engineering entrance examination. Class XII students, in addition, to any equivalent qualification holders who are waiting for their final results can apply.
3. Although admission is given on the basis of score or rank secured in ATIT 2018, however, on the other hand, scores of other reputed exams are also accepted such as JEE(Main) 2018, National level engineering entrance exams and State level entrance examinations.

1.IFHE, Hyderabad

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