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Critical Impact of Covid19 on JEE Main 2022

The education department will remain closed, so all institutions, including universities and schools, will remain closed, no area or region is the exception. Due to the increased risk of the spread of the coronavirus, these educational institutions have been closed. This unforeseen fate is doomed to the entire planet. We are all experiencing this unavoidable situation in our lives, including students in the department of education taking board exams or seeking admission to schools and universities.

Given the implementation of the blockade at the national level, Corona has already carried out another important entrance examination in the country, the Federal Ministry of Human Resources announced that the entrance examination at the national level was postponed. Up to 15,93,452 people have requested JEE. In addition, the central government has also postponed the JEE advanced exams for IIT and NIT admissions across the country. The JEE Mains exam will take place April 5-11. Due to the cancellation of this exam, the advanced JEE exam will be held in May. Under normal circumstances, the entrance examination date for state-level engineering colleges is based on the JEE calendar. These exams will begin in May. Now, even these exams may be postponed.

Focus On Studies

This year is very important, but many guidelines decided to take a fall in proportion to a proportion to competition. The students decided to fall because they feel a little confident. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to drive nationwide.

The level of competition is low in 2022. As many students could not participate in the class, they are given. For many people, your study program lost the rock. In some cases, the online class was not as effective as expected. You can strategically plan your victory schedule strategically. Focus on the instructions provided by the teacher, and will be displayed in a tested test systematically. Create in yourself and focused on the scholar.

Students are advised not to panic in the current situation, but to make full use of this time. Students have more time to prepare for the upcoming exams. In preparation for JEE Main 2022, NDLI provides free access to the preparation module.

Current Situation

JEE (Mains) is the entrance exam for Indian University of Engineering. It is held twice a year, in January and April.

The NTA official who presided over the exam said: "We want to take the exam as soon as possible, but we can't guarantee it at this time. It all depends on the situation of Covid19 in the country.

A ministry source who understands the development confirmed: "NTA is working on a timetable for the JEE Mains date and an announcement may be made soon. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the exam may be delayed, but there is no cancellation of the exam yet.”

The impact of lockdown is huge, but if we look at the bright side of the picture, there is still time for the national competitive examination to restore our academic plan.

Don’t give up today’s preparations, because it will affect tomorrow’s results.