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Accurate Time to Start Preparing for Gate
Accurate Time to Start Preparing for Gate

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or also known as GATE is a national level postgraduate engineering entrance examination. Those who clear GATE examination can not only eligible for M.Tech admission in top colleges but will also be able to apply for PSU recruitments. Hence, the competition level is very tough and high whereas more than eight lakh student apply every year for GATE entrance examination. So how any student will know they will crack the examination and will stay at the top of the game during examination? Well, the only key to doing well in examination is preparation. E4I will explain the answer to the question of when is the right time to prepare and start GATE preparation to help students maintain their study schedule to score well in exam.

When is the right time to start preparation of GATE Examination?

Students are often confused and don’t know when is the right time to start preparation for GATE entrance examination. In terms of GATE entrance examination, the students are left struggling with undergraduate exams and other curricular activities that they struggle to understand when will be the best time to commence their preparation process.

To perform exceptional in examination, the aspirants should adapt the most famous quote, ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Race’. It’s better to start preparing early and move slow and steading. Since the examination is always conducted in February 2022, and the students should start their preparation from May-June 2021. Specifically, since a lot of free time has arisen due to Covid-19 pandemic and self-isolation, that period of time was the bonus time for preparing GATE examination. By getting enrolled in the online class and prepared a schedule for GATE examination, aspirants can go ahead and start their preparation for examination.

Students can start of by reviewing the syllabus of GATE examination. Students need to be well-known about the topics and units from which the question paper arrives, and students must be familiar with the complete syllabus and should understand the exam pattern while practicing.

In the initial days, while preparing for the examination, students need to understand the syllabus and should create a schedule as per exam pattern i.e. aptitude and preference subjects. After a few months of studies, the students should focus more tentatively on GATE preparation. Students should study new topics and revise previously done topics every day so that nothing is left out.

We advise students to spend their last months of preparation on revision. During last two months, no new topic should be studied and only revision should be done tentatively. This technique will allow students to remember whatever they have studied and the topics will be remembered during the entrance examination.

How will GATE 2022 Examination Question Paper Design?

GATE exam tests the abilities of registered aspirants on various grounds. The question paper is designed as per the GATE 2022 examination pattern.

Recall – The questions in GATE examinations are directly linked to the principles, fats, formulas and law of paper chosen by the candidate. Hence, the memory and computational skills of the candidates were tested through this.

Comprehension – There will be questions that test the basic understanding of students in their respective field of subjects. Hence, students have to stress essential ideas to draw out simple solutions.

Application - Students are required to apply for their computational and logical reasoning skills.

Analysis & Synthesis – The question comprises of a mix of data, diagrams, and images. Candidates will be able to solve questions by analyzing the data in the question.