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Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Course Details :

It is the science of building that deals with designing and construction of any kind of structure system. The Architectural Engineering course includes designing and construction of schools, factories, buildings, hospitals and houses. The ventilation, sewerage system, cooling, heating, electrical wirings, safety and landscaping designs are also designed by the architect engineer according to the structure's requirements. The undergraduate degree in this course is a 5 year program. One can also go for master’s degree after the bachelor’s degree which is a 2 year program.

Degree Awarded :
  • B.ARCH
  • M.ARCH

Eligibility :

The candidates applying for B.Arch should have passed 12th standard in physics, chemistry and mathematics with good marks and should have scored good in entrance exams namely, JEE MAINS, NATA depending upon the institute they one is applying for.

To apply for M.Arch one should have a B.Arch degree with good aggregate of marks and a valid score in GATE examination.

Duration :
  • B.ARCH -- 5 years, Full Time
  • M.ARCH -- 2 years, Full Time

Carer Opportunities :
  1. Architecture
  2. Interiors Designer
  3. Architecture Draftsman
  4. Sales/business Development Manager
  5. Architecture Draftsman
  6. Building Inspector
  7. Consulting Engineer
  8. Construction Estimator
  9. Researcher
  10. Professor