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Robotics Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering

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It is a branch of mechanical, electrical and software engineering. It is all about designing, manufacturing and structural disposition of robots. The specialization is mostly done at postgraduate level but few private institutes offer it at undergraduate level too. Robotics engineering is the most sought for these days as robots are being used in many work spaces.

• B.E. / B.Tech
• Dual Degree
• M.E. / M.Tech


For undergraduate degree in Robotics Engineering B.E/B.Tech, Dual Degree the candidate should have passed 12thstandard examination in science subjects with minimum 55% marks. To get through IIT’s one has to take JEE national level exam. For other institutes one has to take BITSAT and SRMEEE. For M.E. / M.Tech degree one should hold B.E./B.Tech degree with 55% percent minimum exam. Few institutes have compulsory exams like GATE, SRMEEE.

1. B.E. / B.Tech -- 4 years, Full Time
2. Dual Degree -- 5 years
3. M.E. / M.Tech -- 2 years, Full Time

1. Robots Technicians
2. Robots Test Engineers
3. Robots System Engineer
4. Robot Design Engineer
5. Senior Robotics Specialists
6. Flexible Manufacturing Engineer
7. Controls Engineer
8. Software Engineer
9. Robots Programmer
10. Service Sales Engineer
11. Welding Engineer
12. Sales & Marketing Engineer
13. Delivery Head- Defense
14. Hardware Engineer
15. Robot Operator