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Material Science Engineering

Material Science Engineering

Course Details :

Degree course in Material Science Engineering is available at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It is a study of properties of matter and its utilization in several fields of science and engineering. This engineering is a combination of Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering.

One gets knowledge about Ceramics, Composites, Semiconductors, Metals, and Polymers. In a postgraduate degree, the student studies about materials and its application at Nano, Micro and Macro levels. The specialization in a few topics like Electronic, Magnetic, Optical Materials, Structural Materials, Computational Material Science, Electrochemical Material Science, Biomaterials and Chemical is taught in Material Science Engineering.

Eligibility Criteria :
For B. Tech
  • 12th standard with minimum 50% marks (in PCM i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics group), from recognized board.
  • Score in an Entrance Exam i.e. JEE or a state level exam MUOET (depending upon the institute they have opted for) is also considered.

For Dual Degree
  • 12th standard (in PCM i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics group), from recognized board.
  • A Score in an Entrance Exam is also considered.

For M. Tech

Applicants should have a graduate degree B.E/B. Tech with high percentage marks with a valid GATE score.

Degree & Duration :
  • B. E. / B. Tech. -- 4years
  • M. E. / M. Tech. -- 2years

Scope & Career Opportunities :

Following are the career options open after completing a degree course in Material Science Engineering:

  1. Materials Engineer
  2. Professor
  3. Research Analyst or Associate
  4. Material Purchase Manager
  5. Developer for Content
  6. Engineer for Material Specification
  7. Clerk for Material Availability
  8. Handler for Material
  9. Associate for Nutrition Science
  10. Project Specialist
  11. Engineering Change Management (Engineer of Design)
  12. Consultant for Analytic Science
  13. Engineer for Materials & Corrosion